Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 115-Lake Day

From Shelter Cove on the OST to PCT mile 1924 at Bobby Lake

We stayed at the picnic table until 9 o'clock and then went back to the Skyline trail to find a place to camp. We hiked back the way we came some to put distance between us and the train tracks. I counted on the river to down out any night train noise and it did the job wonderfully.
Returning to the PCT

My pack was heavy with my new supply of food when we set off. We hiked a side trail for just over a mile to get back to the PCT. I wore my headnet-seemed like it was going to be another mosquito filled day. I did take it off while at an overlook that gave a view of the lake Shelter Cove Resort was on the banks of. I had no idea the night before how huge the lake had been.

We arrived at a ski resort that is only open on the weekends just before lunch time. We took the .25 mile side trail in search of water. I had less than a half liter and the trail was nothing but up for a ways. The ski area was locked down pretty tightly, but they did have one outside water fountain, a handful of very dirty port-i-potties, and a picnic table under a shade tent. We grabbed water and made for the table in the shade. We planned to sit for a bit-Portrait wasn't feeling good, but it didn't seem to be what I had. 

We left about an hour later. Portrait was feeling mostly better and the day had time to go from hot to makes you combust in the sun. It was the perfect time to hike. It was actually the perfect time to swim, and I knew there were lakes up the mountain. They worked as a fine motivator.

After a few miles we arrived at Lower Rosary Lake which was just fantastic looking. It had calm deep blue water that shimmered in the sun. The lake was large and back by rock cliffs-it reminded me of the Sierra's. There were also people there. A family on an overnighter sounded like they were having a ball in the water. We decided to just have a snack and move on top the next lake. Portrait had to just about drag me away from the water.

The next lake was only .6 away. We went to the far end where there was shade on shore, some logs to sit on, and sunny water. I waded in. The bottom was murky, but the water felt nice. Just knee deep in and I felt clean. Once I had gone under I felt cleaner and refreshed. There was a bit of a breeze coming over the water so that made it a little cold to linger.  I got out, dried off, and I was ready to hike again. 

The trail went uphill after the lakes.  From the open ridge we could see one of the many wildfires that had popped up somewhere behind us.  Two helicopters went that way, but I don't know if they were in response to the fires.  

We stopped in at the Maiden Peak Ski Hut-a very cute octagon shaped hut with large windows and a woodstove inside.  Sadly it was much too early to call it a day, and there was no water there, so it was only a brief visit to the hut.  We paged through the register book, and saw very few names that we knew.  Seems like not many hikers visited the hut.  
Bobby Lake at Golden Hour

We made it to Bobby Lake with plenty of daylight left.  I thought about going onward, but the lake was such a lovely spot, and somehow it was mosquito free.  That sold me on the lake.  Portrait made his first ever campfire and we roasted marshmallows after eating dinner. 

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