Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 8-Back on Trail

The camp ground came awake early this morning.  Evey body had somewhere to go to get closer to Canada.  I had a quick breakfast and went to lurk by the ride board to find a lift back to Warner Springs.  It actually didn't take too long to set up a ride with Jan and Jim who help out at Scout and Frodo's.  At 8:30 Tommy and I and our packs piled into their car and off we went.

We took a different route than on the way down.  We followed the PCT and spotted many hikers.  We arrived at Warner Springs around 10:30 and it was already hot outside.  We had a few chores to do-mostly computer stuff-before heading out.

We planned a 15 mile day because of a late start and we both want to do slightly smaller days for a bit.  109 miles in 5.5 days kind of took its toll.  The trail started off very exposed to the midday sun and I heated up quick.  The trail went through some farm land, a continuation of entering Warner Springs and then the trail went up into scrubby desert area.

There was one creek that we knew we'd be crossing five times and the last time we needed to get enough water to dry camp.  I think we crossed that creek nine times-it was only annoying when we had four liters of water.  It turns out we didn't need to carry so much at all.  The guides list a spring four miles from where we were going to camp, but we had heard the water was bad.  When we got there others were coming up with crystal clear water that reportable taste of leaves.  I think I would have liked leaf water over carrying water I didn't need too.
The boulder field where I camped

Today was just how I pictured the desert hiking would be.  There were a few times when we just stopped and hide in whatever shade we could find and when most. Plant life is knee high, shade is hard to find.  I was counting down until six when it would start to cool off.  And it was around that time the trail went to the east side of the mountain and cool shade was plentiful.

Camp tonight is in this boulder field amphitheater.  It's really beautiful here.  The builders are white and are reflecting the light of the quarter moon.  My campsite is too small for my tent so I'm sleeping under the stars tonight without my tent.  I'm on a bit of a slope, but Kick Off wasn't restful-I am exhausted and the late start today in the heat didn't make me feel rested.

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