Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 1- On top of the Momument

Day 1:  Campo to Lake Morena 20.6 miles

We left Scout and Frodo's in a whirlwind at 6.  We arrived at the trail head, a party of 7 (driver, navigator, section-er, and 4 thru's) around 7:30.  Pictures were taken, log book signed, thanks were made to our shuttle, and we hiked.
Ready to hike to Canada
The trail started off following the road we took to the start.  Slowly the massive rusty fence that separates Mexico from the U.S. receded as we moved north.  We hiked in a loose group falling in line were we best fit.  I found myself towards the front of the middle and stayed there most of the day.
My pack was heavy with 4 liters of water and too many apples-I had 4, now 2.  My guess was 32 pounds and as I ate and drank it didn't feel any lighter.  I may have made a mistake going with a frameless pack.  It felt like I was giving a piggyback ride to a naughty child that was digging his heals into my back while pulling on my shoulders.  I was missing my old North Face pack by lunch.
It’s lucky the dessert is pretty, because it was hot.  The sun glared down on us from the start until 6 and then finally shadows moved in.  I drank my 4 liters of water and picked up a 5th at a creek 16 miles into the day.  By day's end I was gritty with salt and my shirt was patchy with salt.  I may need to get some sport drink mix if I'm going to loose so much salt.  I think a lot of our group was feeling the heat.  I know I hit a wall around 4:30 going up the last mountain of the day.  I just plodded up the mountain, stopping often, and trying not to focus too much on getting to camp, or on how much my pack was hurting.
The sun was ready to set over Lake Morania as I did the last half mile into camp.  I couldn't wait to get pack and shoes off.  I'm disappointed that I have a blister near my heel.  I had check on the spot a few times to see if I had a hot spot, but it snuck up on me.
None of my original group from Scout and Frodo’s are camped here tonight, but there are others here who started today.  I think a dozen of us left the border today.

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  1. I guess a nice gentle massage would feel good at the end of the day. One day down and many to go. Hope you are less sore tomorrow.