Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ready or Not


On Monday night my parents had a little bon voyage party for me complete with banners, balloons, and a castle cake.  We had over a mix of neighbors and family.  I had my tent set up on the front lawn with a “Home Sweet Home” sign on it.  My pack was in the living room if anyone wanted to lift it (or try it on).  I hung the PCT strip map up on the wall so people could get a better idea of 2,666 miles.  There were a few other pieces of hiking gear spread about and some hiker food for the tasting.  My Mom and I whipped up two of my lunch dishes for appetizers and showed off their dried counter parts.  And Dad was at the grill.
I was center of attention most of the evening talking about my past hiking on the A.T. and what the PCT has in store for me.  It was fun having a new audience to tell stories about my ’09 A.T. thru-hike.  We talked about rain, bears, river crossings, elevation, and people. 
For dessert my Mom had made a cake in the shape of a castle for me.  It came complete with colorful flags flying from the parpets.  It was delicious.
Tuesday morning it was back to work on preparation.  The leftover hiking meals where dehydrated.  Laundry was washed.  Pack was stuffed (multiple times).  Train itineraries were printed.  Three sewing projects were completed, including one for a hands-free umbrella set-up. 
My finale pack weigh in with everything and five days of food but no water:  21 pounds even.  I’m very happy with that as a final weight.  Right after the weigh in I took a lot of my electronics out and put them in my carry on luggage.  I then crammed clothing for my 10 days in San Francisco and San Diego into my pack.  It is looking very heavy at the moment.  I hope its not too difficult going from the airport to the hostel—I don’t like packs and public transportation.  It’s just awkward.
I’ll have to pick up fuel for my stove in San Diego, but other than that I’m ready to hike.  I’m happy to be doing some city sight seeing first.  I’m sure to get some miles in walking around.  


  1. Hi Faren,

    We had great time with you and your parents. Will keep up with your trip, it sounds very exciting. Your're in our prayers for a fun and safe journey.

    Paul and Beverly Anderson

  2. Hi Faren,

    Good luck with your hike!

    I'll be watching for your status updates.