Saturday, April 21, 2012

At Scout and Frodo's

Tonight I'm staying at the home of Scout and Frodo.  My little tent is set up on the lawn, dinner was eaten, last minute details attended too, and an alarm will be set for 5 a.m.  Breakfast will be at 5:30 and we are to be out the door at 6 a.m.  Four of us will be dropped off at the trail head.

This will be my first night camped out since October.  I can't really remember the last time I slept in my little tent, but I know the rhythm of life in a tent too small to sit up in will come back. Packing up in a small tent like that is a dance, and it's one I'm rusty on at the moment.

It's cool and quiet outside tonight.  Its early, but I'm tired.  I woke up at 5:30 this morning--maybe I was practicing for tomorrow's early wake-up call.  I didn't really go back to sleep, I was too busy thinking about the hike to sleep again.  I anticipate waking before my alarm goes off--more excitement than nerves, I think.  If I'm not ready now, I'll never be ready.

The plan is 20 miles tomorrow.  The goal is to enjoy it.  Live it.  And to sleep well.

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  1. Nice entry, you sound so tranquil and ready to begin. Such a fine way to honor Earth Day, enjoy.