Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 6- To Kick Off

Last night I finally slept well.  I was on a little bit of a slope which didn't really bother me.  My bag was a little damp so I was a little chilly until it dried out.  Over all it was a great night's sleep-5:30 came and I felt really good. 
I left camp with Tommy sometime before 7.  We only had 8 miles to town.  I was expecting more of the desert for the morning's hike, but it wasn't that at all.  The trail wound through pasture land with very few cacti and other pokey plants.
The morning was mostly cloudy and cool.  I think I might be getting a little spoiled by this mild weather.  I didn't wear my hat or sunglasses for the first 5 miles.  It was just so pleasant.
On top of Eagle Rock
Besides town, we had Eagle Rock to look forward too.  In the middle of the field, on a little bit of a knoll, a rock like an Eagle overlooks the field.  We could see it from a distance, looming, and small figures at the base of it.  The sun came out and the sky cleared behind it.  There were three other people there.  We took some pictures with the Eagle, chatted about Kick Off, had snacks, and it was time to push on.
It didn't seem like we had walked much longer before we started seeing day hikers looking very clean and fresh on their way to Eagle Rock.  And just like that, we were in town.
The town of Warner Springs has rallied for the PCT hikers.  The lodge there that used to be hiker friendly with discounts, hot pools, and food has closed, and the town has stepped in to fill the void.  I didn't really need anything-I had a box at the PO and a ride to Kick Off.
Trail angel Jeannie was waiting at the community center when we arrived at 10:30.  She ran us to the PO for our boxes, and I bounced my new shoes forward.  Then we piled into Jeannie's rented van and off to Kick Off.  It was a little strange undoing five days of hiking in an hour and a half car ride.  That really hit home the fact that walking is not a practical means of transportation, but it's a beautiful way to go.
We arrived at Kick Off around 1:30, checked in, and got our PCT 2012 bandana, set up camp, and now, it’s time for Kick Off.

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  1. That Eagle Rock is something... a natural formation? Glad to see your post today after not seeing one for a few days. So, your "practice hike" is behind you. Full speed ahead as you get to the real thing. Looks like it's gonna work out!