Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 2- Day in a Cloud

Mist kept day 2 cool
Woke up to a misty morning and wet tent.  Most of my aches from the day before had faded away.   I wasn't good as new but I didn't feel broken anymore.  I packed up and was on trail at 7:15.  Right away my pack went back to being painful.  I tried packing it different, and that might have helped some, but it was still uncomfortable all day long.
The mist was thick.  Early I thought about putting my pack cover on, but I didn't want to stop so soon.  I was also pretty sure the mist would clear as I climbed.  It didn't lift, and I actually really liked being socked in-it was nice change from yesterday's hot sun.  The mist stuck around until 2:30 and than that hot sun was back, but it started to cool down around 5:30.
The weather was a nice change from yesterday, but sadly my feet were still in rough shape.  I have a few blisters now.  The ones I drained refilled and ended up even larger.  My feet feel raw to the touch, even if they don't look that bad.  One blister burst while I was walking-that was a gross feeling, but now it doesn't hurt.
I ended up hiking a few miles past where I had planned.  I was going to stay on top of the ridge, but it was such pleasant walking through a pine grove that I kept going.  I stopped for a break when I thought I had a half mile left, I got up, put my pack on, took a step, and saw I was there.
It's a cold night tonight, and rain is suspected tomorrow night.  I'm wondering if that will mean snow for me. 

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  1. I'm glad you're posting photos along with your text so we can see the terrain you're encountering along the way.