Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 90-My Wilderness

From Castella at mile 1506 to mile 1512

Five different watch alarms woke me up between 4:45 and 5:30 this morning. Mine was one of those five. I guess hikers forget to turn off their alarms while in town. I probably would have only slept an extra hour, but it would have been a nice hour of sleep.

Portrait and I left the campground around 8 to go find breakfast in Shasta City. Our hitch in was surprisingly easy. The couple in the second car that we saw picked us up.  They were section hiking the local sections of the PCT and ended up driving us out of their way to Shasta instead of Dunsmire like they had planned. They dropped us right off at the diner we wanted.

After eating a breakfast with1400 calories (I didn't finish it all) and a milkshake with 1130 calories it was time to do hiker chores which meant laundry and library. And of course another meal (Thai food this time with Alex and Coop).

Alex got the four of us rides back to the I-5 trail head somehow. I had been a little worried about getting back on trail with so many interstate miles between me and the trail-the ride made life so much easier.
We were back on trail before six o'clock (our driver told us OR was less than an hour away by car after we told him it was 200 miles away by trail). It was hard to think about driving to OR while hiking during the still very hot day uphill. The further from town I hiked the further ideas of town (driving, eating, and whatnot) got from my thoughts.

We picked up water near the start of our miles with no real plan on how far to hike. Most of the miles were side hill so nowhere to camp. There were some good views of Castle Crags as we hiked up, though.We entered Castle Crag Wilderness and of course I had to stop for some pictures with "my" sign. 

There was camping listed six miles outside of town and we finally settled on that when we were less than a half mile away. Then we found a place with a view (and I-5 noise) and settled on that spot for the night.

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