Monday, July 02, 2012

Day 72-Zombies Take Over Sierra City

Mile 1186 to Sierra City at mile 1197

I'd like to say it was the owl that was hooting close by that woke me sometime just before five a.m. but it was totally the May Flies getting out of camp incredibly early. I guess we all had town on the mind, but I still didn't get up until my usual time.  It felt like I was just in town, so it didn't seem like a big deal to me-although my laundry hadn't been done since Carol's and that was a long time ago.

The trail to town was pretty much all downhill.  We crossed a couple of rivers on some beautifully crafted bridges.  We were moving right along at a steady pace. Portrait checked his GPS: only 3 miles to town. We took a break not long after that. I wanted to break, not because I needed a rest, but because I still had cheese, suasage, and a bagel and they weren't coming into town with me.

While we were sitting on a log snacking a helicopoter flew past overhead while a megaphone blarring out a message we couldn't despihere. We all looked at each other more than a little concerened (creeped out actually). We joked about zombies invading Sierra City and than hiked on. The helicopter kept flying past shouting out its message a few more times.

About a mile after our break we came to another bridge, and this time there were people there-Search and Rescue. Opus heard them say "Let's interview her," and they met us just before the bridge. They asked if we'd seen a guy with three dogs in dirty shorts and shirt. We told them we had only seen thru-hikers (we didn't mention that all of them were in dirty clothes) and no dogs at all.  They said he'd been missing overnight.  It would have been nice to have been of more help (I could see a guy walking up river, checking for the missing guy), but we hadn't seen him. It was nice to know what the helicoptor was saying.

The last couple of miles into town went by quick. The only thing that slowed me down was a large river and as I crossed over it on a bridge I could see deep swimming holes just calling for me. A shower was also calling me so, onward.

At the road we got our fastest ride-a guy had just dropped off some hikers so he took us on into town.

(I did hear while in town that the missing guy was found alive and well)

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