Friday, July 06, 2012

Day 76-Local Werewolves Howl at Moon

Lookout Rocks at mile 1261 to Buke's Summit Road at mile 1269

Around 10:15 I woke up and say the nearly full more still orange from having just risen.  I also heard people howling at it.  A group of locals had walked the mile or so into the woods to the lookout point.  They didn't know we were camped just below the rocks they were hanging out on...until the decided to come down to the rocks where we were.  They were very surprised when one of the guys turned their headlamp on them.  I think we gave them more of a fright than they gave us.  They quieted down once they knew we were trying to sleep.  I didn't like being woken, but I did like getting to see the moon.  I haven't seen an orange just risen moon for a long time.

I slept well the rest of the night--although I woke up earlier than I would have liked, around 5:15 because FastLayne was taking sun rise pictures.  It was really beautiful, so again, the waking up wasn't a problem (and I got some blogging done).  I stayed in bed until 5:30 until I was driven to getting up by hunger.  It's been awhile that I've been really hungry in the morning.  We all ate, mostly in silence, and got an early start, probably around 6:30 (but I didn't check). 

We were only planning on 8.5 miles of hiking.  Portrait and FastLayne had arranged with a friend to pick them up at the trail (and two bonus thru-hikers) and spend the day.  The first three miles I thought about normal hiking stuff:  the night before, second breakfast, the trail, nothing of much interest.  The other five miles I thought about food:  the grocery store, the food I would buy for my mini resupply (a bag of chips), the food I would buy to eat that day (ice cream and chips), the food I would buy if I could cook (pancakes and stir fry).  It was a little like torture.  I was still hungry from yesterday I think.  I think in the Magic Stretch (a day or so before Carol's to the day after Donner's Pass where we had trail magic every day) I started to gain back some weight, but that's gone now.  It's really hard to think about much while being hungry except food.

We got to the road where we were supposed to meet Maggie about a half hour early.  Hikers are very good at lounging for a half hour (or at least the ones I like to hang out with are good at it).  We talked about food (of course) and watched a few people bike past, and one guy jog past on the road.  I was happy to be leaning against my pack which was propped up against a post.  I didn't even feel tempted to dig into my food bag knowing that better food awaited me.

Once Maggie picked us up (and put down all the windows in her rented SUV) we couldn't stop talking about food.  It was quickly decided to swing buy the grocery store for provisions before going to her place.  The ingredients for a full lumberjack breakfast were purchased (as were the ice cream and potato chips and a few other goodies) and for dinner:stir fry.  I like the if you day dream it, it will happen thing that's been going on.  It's something I could easily get used to (and the swimming--we spent a large chunk of the afternoon at a local swimming hole).

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