Sunday, July 01, 2012

Day 71-May Flies

Peter Grubb Hut at mile 1163 to mile 1186

There was at least one mouse in the hut last night and it came over to see me at least once. It was stuffy in the hut and I think my head was below my feet. I didn't sleep well and woke up early with a head ache and stuffy nose. Not my favorite place to camp. We did leave on the early side-it wasn't full light yet.

It was rather cloudy out-handy so I didn't have to wear my hat which was making my head ache more. It was also a lot cooler with the clouds, but not as cold as the last time we had clouds while hiking before Tahoe.

I came around a bend in the trail and found Opus and Portrait talking to three trail workers taking a break. I stepped on a newly place stone step and joined them.  I introduced myself with my trail name, and to my surprise, one of the workers responded that he knew me. We had both worked as ridge runners on the AT in 2010. He was the Cumberland Valley ridge runner, so I didn't see him ofter, but it was such a small world moment.  The trail (any of the long ones) are great at providing those kinds of moments.

We thanked them for their hard work and hiked on, but not far. We stopped at a creek for water and took enough for lunch at the top of a peak just 2.5 miles away.

It was a nice climb up. The trail doesn't usually go to the top of peaks so I was looking forward to lunch on a mountain top. The top turned out to be like a large meadow with a view of mountains and a couple of lakes in the valley (and a couple of roads, which I tried to ignore). It was really pretty with all the fluffy clouds:  they were white, but the mountains and lakes looked gray and stormy. We stayed up there way longer than we should have (food bag kept getting lighter, which was fine because town was coming up).

Sitting there we were passed by a handful of May Flies (a name we came up with for the hikers that started the trail in May and are flying. They are easy to spot with light packs, quick stride, and an energy about them that says they want to move).  They stopped to chat about start dates and town and camping.

Once we finally started hiking again we caught up with the May Flies at the first water source in miles. Everybody took a water and snack break. I diffinatly had something swimming in mine (looked like a slug) so I returned to the stream to return it to its home (and get new water).

From there we only had four more miles. We passed a very large resivor that was some kind of campground and walked on a dirt road for less than half a mile to cross a river. Right after getting back into the woods we came to our last water source for the day. We spent awhile filling bottles from a small trickle, but we did get the water we needed. Then we hiked a couple of minutes and found the real water source we had been looking for (it had a great flow and would have been much easier to fill up at).

At camp Eric and Hannah (two May Flies) had a campfire going. We waisted no time putting up tents- we were expecting a lot of people-and people just kept coming into camp. It was by far the biggest group I camped with (outside of towns) in a very long time.

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