Friday, March 09, 2012

31 Days- How to Tell When You Are Almost Ready

How to Tell When You Are Almost Ready for a PCT Thru-Hike:

You stop structuring your day around waiting for the mailman and UPS to arrive.

You stop checking Steep and Cheap every twenty minutes for a good deal.

You delete sale emails from REI, EMS, Backcountry, Sierra Trading Post, Campmor... instead of reading them.

You spend more time hiking than reading gear reviews.

You stop adding new items to your to-do lists.

Your to-do list has more items crossed off than pending.

You're able to tell people "I'm starting my thru-hike next month."

You start to sleep better as you finish buying gear.

You start to sleep worse because you're too excited.

You start to dream about doing the PCT on roller-skates because someone hide your hiking shoes.

You start to eat more fresh foods to make up for five months without.

You say "just about" when someone asks if your ready for your hike.

You start rediscovering your other hobbies.

You time how long it takes to break down and pack up camp.  Then you try to do it quicker.

You spend the day trying to cut your base weight by a pound.

You start finding things to do like learning bird calls or constellations.

You sleep in your tent for practice.

You cook all meals on your camp stove.

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