Friday, March 30, 2012

11 Days- How to Make a Stove in Pictures

My old stove with 2,000 + miles on it with its replacement.
Gather supplies.
Draw a circle around the can 3/4 inches from the bottom and another  1 1/2 inches from the top of the can.  Use the hair tie to make an even circle.
Cut out the middle of the can using the guidelines (Use the paper awl or other pointed object to start the whole to make cutting easier).
From the top of the can cut out the mouth section.
(The can is upside down to better show the tabs that were cut).  Cut tabs on the top section on the can:  1. Cut tabs 1/2 inch wide around the can from the cut edge up to the "shoulder" of the can (the shoulder is where the can starts to bend inwards and upwards towards the lip of the can).  2. Pick a tab, snip off a sliver of the tab leaving a gap between the two tabs.  3. Add about 8 more gaps spaced evenly.
Fit the top of the can into the bottom piece.  It should fit in nicely, but snugly.
If you look at a Pepsi can the bottom is pushed inward.  When assembling the stove the tabs should but up against the indented portion of the can.
Fuel is added where the mouth of the can used to be.  Once lit the flame wicks up where the tabs are and comes out where the cut edge of the bottom of the can meets the shoulder on the top of the can.  My pot sits right on top of the stove--no need for a pot stand.
The new stove try-out.

 The rest of my cooking set-up:
Wind screen folded up, cook pot, lighter, knife, stove on a piece of tin, and long handled spoon.

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