Monday, March 26, 2012

15 Days- Bargaining at the Big Box Store

Awhile ago my Mom was out shopping and she spotted Hickory Farms gift boxes marked down 50%.  We think they were Christmas left-over’s that were about to go out of date.
On Saturday we went to the store with the hopes of getting an even bigger discount.  The boxes I wanted had 8 ounces of cryovac cheeses and two 7 ounce summer sausages for the marked down price of ten dollars a box.  We wanted them for five.  We ended up getting them for eight, which was still a very good deal.  An eight ounce block of cheese is usually 2.50 at the store and sausage goes for just under 4.00.
Now I have nearly half the sausage I want for the trip and enough cheese for six resupplies.  Tuna fish in water is buy one get one at the store right now.  I want to pick up about a dozen packages.  Ideally I want tuna in oil--more calories for the same weight.  Maybe they will go on sale next.

All of my prep is on hold until Thursday.   That will leave me a mere 12 days to finish everything.  The idea sends a small bolt of panic through me.

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