Monday, February 20, 2012

65 Days- Off Trail Magic

New spikes and no ice to use them on.
I received some off trail magic on Thursday: a new pair of MicroSpikes.  I knew I was getting a pair—a friend had sent me a message saying she was getting hooked up on deeply discounted MicroSpikes and did I want in on the deal?  I sent back my shoe size thinking in a day or two I would be told how much I owed.
Instead they arrived on Thursday with a thank you card from the map group.  They had gotten together quietly and bought the spikes for me.  It was a complete surprise and very sweet.  It was something they didn’t have to do, they said thank you—some of them profusely, and that was enough.  This is one example of why I like being a thru-hiker.  Being helpful, doing kind things isn’t a rarity in this circle.
I had enjoyed organizing the map buy; I had the chance to chat with several people in the group and I really felt like part of the group.  It was a fun experience and I can’t wait to meet them on the trail.

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