Thursday, September 13, 2012

Days 144 and 145- Double Zero Outside of Seattle

Portrait and I took a double zero at his Uncle's house outside of Seattle. We did some chores: bought plane tickets, resupplies, Ace bandages, and candy. We rested and watched The Way-an enjoyable movie about a long distance walk. 

Fast Layne joined us and the three of us went into the city to poke around Feathered Friends, REI, and Seattle Fabrics.

 We met up with Opus who finished his hike on the 8th. He had shaved off his beard a couple days ago and we almost didn't recognize him. We went out for lunch to catch up.

Waffle for breakfast
260 miles left. About two weeks. After resting for two days I feel ready to hike.

All wrapped up and ready to hike

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  1. Two comments: How did you get men into a fabric store? Must've been looking for fabrics for tents or sleeping bags, right?

    Second, that's a lot of ace bandages. Sure hope you haven't done permanent damage to your ankles.