Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 66-Into Lake Tahoe

Mile 1090 to Lake Tahoe at mile 1094

The Casino where we had dinner later that night
Sometime during the night the wind from the past few days finally blew itself out.  It was peaceful out when I climbed out of my tent. I have never packed up before town so unrushed. I still wasn't feeling my hiker hunger and town food wasn't pulling me in. I wouldn't mind more town stops like that one.

The trail was mostly downhill-it was a good thing we stopped to camp when we did because there weren't many other options.

We heard a road then went towards it. I started to think we were there, but then there was a sign saying one more mile.  There's nothing more fun than walking next to a road for a mile.  At the base of the sign was every hiker's dream:  soda.  Instead of cans of Mountain Dew there was one mostly empty two liter bottle. Portrait seemed to think nothing of it.  He picked it up and took a few long drinks while Opus and I looked on in disbelief.
Apparently it was soda. I took the bottle, brought it to my mouth, but started giggling before I could drink and passed it off to Opus who did take a drink. They left some soda for those behind us.

Just before the road crossing we crossed the Pony Express Trail and took a couple of pictures. I'm not sure why we thought the Pony Express was so neat, but we did.

At the road crossing there was a 24 pack of PBR. They were still cold and I tucked mine into my pack for later-second breakfast has to come before nasty beer. We dropped our packs, stashed our poles, and put out our thumbs.

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