Tuesday, January 17, 2012

100 Days...Or 100 Things to Do

There's 100 days until the PCT Kick Off.  I will most likely be starting my PCT hike a few days before the Kick Off and getting a ride back so I can participate.  I have close to 100 things to do before then.
I’ve made quite a few lists lately.  I wanted to wait until after November 1st to start on the official PCT planning, including all list making, so I wouldn’t be planning for the hike longer than I was going to be hiking it.  I decided early on that reading trail journals and forms didn’t count as planning—they fall under…knowledge gathering.  They are the planning before the planning. 
My first official purchase for the PCT was a new rain jacket.  I had to take advantage of the Black Friday sales online.  I bought a GoLite rain jacket for a steal, although the sleeves might be a half inch short on me.  Keeping it anyways.  I haven’t tested it out yet even though we had four continues days of rain last month, and we haven’t had much since then.
I didn’t start in on the lists until shortly after buying the rain jacket.  I have a Things to Buy; Things To Make, Modify, or Repair; Things To Do; Dinners to Dehydrate; and Lunches to Dehydrate (food will be a separate entry).  I might need a list to keep track of my list. 

Things to Buy:                                                Things To Make, Modify, or Repair:
Base shirt                                                        Pack cover
Long sleeve hiking shirt                                  Pillow (maybe not)
Short sleeve hiking shirt                                  Hygiene ditty bag
Sports bra                                                        Tent modification and repair
Zip-off pants                                                   Tyvak ground cloth
Running shorts                                                Tent stuff sack modification
Dirty Girl Gaiters                                            Sleeping bag liner  
Sunglasses                                                       Sleeping pad modification
Ursack Minor food bag                                   Rain skirt modification
Watch                                                              Things to Do:
Pot cozy                                                          Dehydrate lots and lots of food
Camp shoes                                                     Read planning guidebook/ Trail guidebook
Hiking shoes                                                   Prep resupply boxes
Guidebook                                                      Start a journal (one down)
Maps                                                               Make an Itinerary
Bear canister
Ice axe and micro spikes (most likely)

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